Key Capabilities


managed deployment

off-line case management

on & off-line investigations

case eBundle with

auto-generated reporting

eForensic preservation

distribution with eDisclosure

sensitive material manager

unused material reporting

Locate & Gather Intel & Material

  • III (OSINT) Toolbox
  • Audited Internet Searches
  • On-line Intel & Material
  • Off-line intel & Material
  • Statements & Reports
  • Recordings & Exhibits
  • Dark Web Capability
  • Sensitive Mode Option

eForensically Preserve Intel & Material

  • Deployment Manager
  • Decision Manager
  • Audit Trail Capture
  • Extensive Log Reports
  • Secured File Hashing
  • Sensitive Mode Option
  • Intelligence Grading
  • Classification Manager

eDisclosure: Manage & Distribute a Case eBundle

    • Evidence Report
    • eForensic Preserveration
    • All Logs are Hashed
    • Unused Material Report
    • Sensitive Material (unredacted)
  • Sensitive Material (redacted)
  • Secure Edit Capability
  • Disclosure Capacity
  • Prosecution Capability
  • Defence Capability
  • Judicial Review

Hearings & Pre-Trial Hearings

Process driven and legally compliant investigations for safe litigation, with case management, reporting and Disclosure
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Transforming the way your organisation processes and manages investigations

  • Process driven online & offline investigations
  • Consistent presentation of all investigations
  • Equitable presentation of intel & material
  • Distribute to prosecutors & defendants
  • Case management capability
  • Automated evidence report output
  • Automated reporting of Unused Material
  • Sensitive Material management capability
  • Automated Sensitive material reporting
  • Material saved to a dedicated & secure case bundle
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A software application for safe and legally compliant OSINT & I3 investigations; a single application with specific user interconnected capabilities to manage the complete investigation to presentation process

  • axe10 LE - CM Case Management for Public Authorities
  • axe10 LE - III (OSINT) Open Source capability for Public Authorities
  • axe10 LE III & CM


  • axe10 CVL - CM Case Management for the Private Sector
  • axe10 CVL - III (OSINT) Open Source capability for the Private Sector


  • axe10 LEGAL for Legal Professionals
  • axe10 JUSTICE for the Court Service (Criminal & Civil)


  • axe10 Lite a disconnected but free solution with III (OSINT) capability
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eForensics and eDisclosure

  • eForensic File hashing of all gathered material
  • tamper proof preservation of all material
  • audit trail logging
  • deployment logging
  • decision logging
  • online search logging
  • eDisclosure preparation
  • recorded distribution management
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axe10 OSINT/III Capabilities:

  • Reduced requirement for experienced OSINT/III researchers
  • Guided research with in-built OSINT/III tools
  • Social Media Advanced Tools (SMAT)
  • Multiple simultaneous search capability
  • Integrated whois and wayback machine searches
  • Dark Web research capability
Enhanced security with the axe10 Cloud deployment

axe10 Cloud

Secure Investigation Platform

Windows 10 Remote Desktop

Safe Investigation Capability

Safe eDisclosure distribution

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What's New

Process Instagram Followers/Following

POLE Structured Investigations

Integrated Internet search capability with logging

Easy to use Sensitive Material management

MG Forms inside the Case Bundle

Coming Soon

In the axe10 development roadmap

External Database Connectivity

Investigation Team capabilities

and Case eBundle merge


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Comply with guidance from:-

The National Police Chiefs Council

The Crown Prosecution Service

and the Financial Conduct Authority