axe10 Application Privacy Policy

Application Privacy Policy

When axe10 is deployed, Axeten cannot see any of the user's activity or the intelligence and material gathered during the investigation process.
All processing activity is performed on the user's local or cloud desktop.


Customer User Types & User Data

The Practitioner, who deploys the application to perform investigations and manage a Case eBundle.
The Supervisor, who has create, read, update and delete permissions in the Axeten CRM for their practitioners. Also, a Supervisor may deploy the application to perform investigations.
A customer may have more than one Supervisor.

Axeten does not collect any personal information about axe10 users.

The only personal information required by Axeten is the name and e-mail address of the Supervisor(s), that shall be applied to the CRM by Axeten at the end of the procurement process.

The Supervisor might set-up axe10 practitioner user accounts.
The quantity of practitoner user accounts shall be defined in the contract.
There is no obligation to provide any personal information concerning the axe10 practitioner users.

Each axe10 practitioner user shall be recorded in the Axeten CRM by the admin user, applying a unique alpha and/or numeric identifier, for each axe10 practitioner user.
No e-mail address is required for practitioner users.

The user ID is applied to all investigations performed by the axe10 practitioner user, so that in the event of litigation or prosecution, the customer might be required to declare the identity of the axe10 user, in a court of law. There is no requirement for Axeten to know the identity of the practitioner user,

Gathering information about any user is the core business model of some browser providers.
Axeten does not deploy this business model. axe10 does not collect any user data.


Session Data

Axeten does collect all user session data. A session is the interval between log-in and log-out.
The session data can be read by the Supervisor and by Axeten.


User Safety

A user might disclose their device footprint & fingerprint while deploying the extension in the browser. The extension does not provide any inherent safety.
The Axeten training Module 3 provides a detailed explanation of the actions to be taken to protect the user and the deploying customer organisation.