axe10 LE - COMBO

Axe10 III (OSINT) & CM combined into the ultimate axe10 premium solution for processing and managing investigations, both civil & criminal.
Option for remote desktop deployment in a cloud environment

  • CPIA 1996 & IPA 2016 compliant

  • LED &  DPA 2018 compliant

  • Locate material online

  • Secure access control

  • POLE Structured Investigations

  • Advanced OSINT Research Tools

  • Social Media Advanced Tools (SMAT)

  • Import any digital material

  • Access proprietary databases

  • eForensic material logging

  • eForensic material hashing

  • Material logged and hashed

  • Exportable Audit Log

  • Integrated Decision Log & Deployment Log

  • Search Log

  • Editable Research Report in PDF, (hashed)

  • Material Sheet in MS Word format, (hashed)

  • Secure Case eBundle

  • Intelligence Grading (NIM 5x5x5, NIM 3x5x2, US Army & NATO)

  • Auto-generated Used Material Report  (docx) (hashed)

  • Auto-generated Un-used Material Report  (docx) (hashed)

  • Auto-generated Sensitive Material Report (docx) (hashed)


Compliant with the CPIA 1996, the IPA 2016 and the GDPR / DPA 2018

eForensically secure, with all material logged and hashed

No material can be deleted unless the free axe10 CVL is deployed

Deploy axe10 COMBO to process any III (OSINT) investigation

Deploy axe10 COMBO to manage any on or offline investigation

Deploy axe10 COMBO to manage eDisclosure



axe10 LE - CM Disclosure Capabilities

  • by whom
  • date and time
  • which material is disclosed
  • to whom the material is disclosed
  • the method of distribution

All disclosure activity is logged and hashed.

Creating a record of all distribution activity.


Preparing a case eBundle for Litigation

  • axe10 CM with option to gather and process material
  • axe10 COMBO with option to locate, gather and process material
  •  axe10 LEGAL a lower cost solution, with only edit capability
axe10 COMBO
pro rata

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  • No limit to number of times a training can be taken

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