axe10 CVL: An OSINT application for Private Sector Investigations & Civil Litigation

A premium solution for civil litigation

  • Civil Procedure Act 1997 compliant

  • GDPR DPA 2018 compliant

  • Secure access control

  • Social Media Advanced Tools (SMAT)

  • Advanced Search Tools

  • All material is logged and hashed

  • Expedited material management

  • Import & hash material from any source

  • Audit log

  • Decision log

  • Research Report in PDF, which is hashed

  • Evidence Sheet in MS Word format, which is hashed

  • Apply material to the secure evidence report

  • Easily transfer material to your organisation report template, but risk losing eForensic security

  • Delivers a secure case eBundle

  • Access proprietary databases

Extensive OSINT/III capability, with capacity to gather offline digital material

Compliant with the Civil Procedure Act 1997 and the GDPR/ DPA 12018

Option to delete material with the capacity to disclose in compliance with the legislation.

Deploy axe10 CVL to process any civil investigation for litigation

Where there is a possibility that a crime might be prosecuted, deploy axe10 LE

axe10 CVL


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