axe10 CVL: An application for Managing Civil Litigation

Axe10 CVL is a free solution for any organisation that has processed a case with axe10 COMBO and then intends to litigate the matter as a civil proceeding.

Crucially, axe10 CVL allows material to be deleted from a case eBundle prior to disclosure.

An investigation can be processed with axe10 CVL, but once a case eBundle is imported to axe10 CVL, it cannot be imported back into axe10 LE

  • Civil Procedure Act 1997 compliant

  • GDPR DPA 2018 compliant

  • Secure access control

  • Social Media Advanced Tools (SMAT)

  • Advanced Search Tools

  • All material is logged and hashed

  • Expedited material management

  • Import & hash material from any source

  • axe10 LE Audit log preserved and extended with CVL activity

  • axe10 LE Decision log preserved and extended with CVL activity

  • Research Report in PDF, which is hashed

  • Evidence Sheet in MS Word format, which is hashed

  • Apply material to the secure evidence report

  • Easily transfer material to your organisation report template, but risk losing eForensic security

  • Delivers a secure case eBundle

  • Access proprietary databases


Compliant with the Civil Procedure Act 1997 and the GDPR/ DPA 12018

Option to delete material with the capacity to disclose in compliance with the legislation.

Deploy axe10 CVL to process any civil investigation for litigation

axe10 CVL is free with axe10 COMBO


Preparing a case eBundle for Litigation

  • axe10 CVL can be deployed while retaining investigation and case management capabilities
  • axe10 COMBO can be deployed while retaining online & offline investigation and case management capabilities
  • with axe10 LEGAL should be deployed to prepare, where there is no further investigation or case management requirement
axe10 CVL
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