Axe10 LE for Law Enforcement: Criminal Prosecutions & Civil Litigation

   Technology for Equitable Justice

Axe10 LE is a software application designed specifically for Law Enforcement Agencies and wider Public Authorities, with a law enforcement remit. However, with the free axe10 CVL extension, axe10 works equally well for civil litigation.


A choice of three axe10 LE solutions

Axe10 LE COMBO is the recommended combined solution. However, both III and CM can be procured separately.



Significantly, the Axe10 LE applications do not permit any material to be deleted from the case eBundle.



An eBundle created with axe10 LE can be opened and edited with axe10 LEGAL, to allow for case preparation by the prosecution and the defence counsel.

A case eBundle prepared with axe10 LEGAL can be opened and reviewed in a court of law with axe10 JUSTICE.

All material gathered with axe10 LE is forensically secured and preserved during processing with axe10 LEGAL so that evidence produced in axe10 JUSTICE is forensically safe.



To process a civil investigation, procure axe10 LE and when the investigation process is complete, export the case eBundle and import into axe10 CVL.

The reason for this?

When starting a civil investigation, we should not assume that no criminal activity might be located. By processing the investigation with axe10 COMBO, the opportunity to escalate a case eBundle to Law Enforcement is preserved, as you will have performed the investigation in compliance with a criminal investigation process.

When the investigation process is complete, and you want to benefit from the civil investigation process, and delete material prior to disclosure, open the case eBundle and manage the material in compliance with a civil litigation process.

A case eBundle that has been opened with axe10 CVL cannot be opened subsequently with axe10 COMBO. 

However, it is possible to export a case eBundle for escalation to Law Enforcement and then, in axe10, to rename the case and export as a separate case eBundle for a civil litigation process. 

To be sure you know how to do this, take the free axe10 training.


axe10 LE - CM
axe10 LE - III
axe10 LE COMBO

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