Axe10 LE for Law Enforcement & Criminal Prosecutions

   Technology for Equitable Justice

Axe10 LE is a software application designed specifically for Law Enforcement Agencies and wider Public Authorities, with a law enforcement remit.

There are two components to Axe10 LE




Significantly, the Axe10 LE applications do not permit any material to be deleted from the case eBundle.



An eBundle created with axe10 LE can be opened and edited with axe10 LEGAL, to allow for case preparation by the prosecution and the defence counsel.

A case eBundle prepared with axe10 LEGAL can be opened and reviewed in a court of law with axe10 JUSTICE.

All material gathered with axe10 LE is forensically secured and preserved during processing with axe10 LEGAL so that evidence produced in axe10 JUSTICE is forensically safe.

axe10 LE - CM
axe10 LE - III (OSINT)

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