axe10 LEGAL: case preparation for litigants

A low cost solution, that allows a legal professional to prepare a case without compromising the security of a case eBundle.
axe10 LEGAL allows any prosecutor, plaintiff, defendant or respondent to prepare a case, where material has been gathered with axe10 LE and optionally managed with axe10 CVL, so that safe disclosure might be performed and the case eBundle might be presented for any pursuant process, where all parties can rely on axe10 to preserve the evidence.

  • Prosecution of crime with disclosure to defence counsel

  • Litigation of civil matters

  • Preservation of evidence

  • Un-used material management

  • Audit Log and Hash values preserved during edit

  • Sensitive Material Review

  • Sensitive Material Management

  • Edit tools for text & images included

  • All edits logged & hashed

  • Parties might manage the evidence to reach agreement pre-hearing

  • Secure and Controlled Distribution

  • Intelligence Grading capability


Case Preparation
Edit a report with the easy to use editor, while preserving all material and recording all edits. axe10 Legal preserves the eForesic security of a case during the case preparation process.

Managing Sensitive Material
Where the Sensitive Material is under review by a Competent Authority, the Defendant or Respondent can request the Competent Authority to mark Sensitive Material as Not sensitive. After a review of the Sensitive material, the Competent Authority is obliged to export the case e Bundle and distribute it to the sender, with notice of distribution to the other party.


Managing Un-used Material
A Defendant or Respondent has the capability to review all of the Un-used material, to locate any material that might be exculpatory. Any exculpatory material can be marked as 'Used' so that it shall display the Report.


Introducing New Material
A Defendant and Respondent has the right to apply new material to the case. It will be necessary to upgade to axe10 LE CM. The cost of the upgrade from LEGAL to LE CM is £60 + VAT / account.
The Defendant or Respondent is obliged to distribute the new case eBundle to the the Prosecution or Plaintiff. The Prosecution / Plaintiff shall import the revised case eBundle that has been prepared by Defendant or Respondent into axe10.


Distribution and Tracking case eBundles
Every case eBundle is saved with a time stamp in the file name. The most recent time-stamp is the active case eBundle.

axe10 LEGAL records a log of the case eBundle from the moment that the case eBundle is first distributed.

To simplify the distribution process, axe10 LEGAL stores the identity of each party with an e-mail address, so that re-distribution is easy to perform for all parties, including a Competent Authority that might review Sensitive Material.

Each distribution is recorded in the case eBundle Distribution Log. Every party can review the Distribution Log to verify that they are accessing the active case eBundle.

Only the active case eBundle should be amended. Parties are advised to copy and archive a case eBundle prior to distribution of the active case eBundle to the other party.

Preparing for a Hearing
Proceed to axe10 JUDICIARY

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