axe10 Lite: Free and easy to adopt

Axe10 Lite is the free version of axe10. It has exceptional Social Media Advanced Tools (SMAT) capabilities that are available for any one to use.
Also, axe10 Lite generates a report of material gathered, and the report can be sorted and edited. Axe10 Lite does have some eForencsic capability, with an Audit Log that records and material gathered and sites accessed. Also, all material files are hashed and preserved in a single eBundle for each investigation.


  • GDPR compliant

  • Secure access control

  • Material hashing

  • Audit Log

  • Decision Log

  • Evidence Manager to organize and structure evidence, but with no eForensic security

  • Social Media Advanced Tools (SMAT)

  • A Research Doc in MS Word format, that is hashed

  • Option to create an evidential report

  • Option to easily move evidence to your organisation report template

  • Delivers a case eBundle

axe10 Lite

Free Download





For axe10 LITE there is no free training and no PDF manual.
However, there are 8 How-to videos to get you started and to help you to get the most out of axe10 LITE

Videos 1 & 2, that relate to installation and set-up, apply to all versions of axe10.


Firefox Settings and installing axe10
The axe10 Sidebar
Signing in to axe10 Lite and explaining the Top Menu (Preference, User Guides & Changelog)
Starting to use axe10 Lite and explaining the Case Menu, axe10 OSINT Help, and the Case, Audit, Notes & Log tabs
Showing the first half of Axe10 Lite Toolbox capabilities
Showing the second half of Axe10 Lite Toolbox capabilities which is focused on social media websites
Showing the capabilities of Axe10 app Lite Toolbox 2, located when the right click action is performed on any webpage
Showing everything about the Case Manager Lite