axe10 Lite: Free and easy to adopt

An internet investigation application that is ideal for Private Investigators and journalists who require a high standard of evidence recording, but with no intention to rely on axe10 to support a prosecution or civil litigation.

  • GDPR compliant

  • Secure access control

  • Evidence hashing

  • Audit Log

  • Decision Log

  • Evidence Manager to organize and structure evidence

  • SMAT: Social Media Advanced Tools

  • A Research Doc in MS Word format, that is hashed

  • Option to create an evidential report

  • Option to easily move evidence to your organisation report template

  • Delivers a secure Case Bundle

mSIS Lite

Free Download




Video Tutorials refer to mSIS, the previous name of the axe10app, and to Qwarie, the previous name of Axeten Ltd.
New videos coming soon.


Firefox Settings and installing axe10
The axe10 Sidebar
Signing in to axe10 Lite and explaining the Top Menu (Preference, User Guides & Changelog)
Starting to use axe10 Lite and explaining the Case Menu, axe10 OSINT Help, and the Case, Audit, Notes & Log tabs
Starting an axe10 Lite enquiry & conducting your first searches
Adding Information from Webpage to axe10 Lite Part 1 (covers taking a Screenshot, Archiving Webpages, using Text Boxes in the Evidence Manager and adding Attachments)
Adding Information from Webpage to axe10 Lite Part 2 (covers taking a Screenshot, using the Whois & Wayback Machine functions within axe10 Lite, Archiving Webpages a view Exif Data from online images)
The axe10 Case Bundle Explained
The active links in your axe10 Research Document and the axe10 Case Bundle