Capacity Development with Process

Capacity building: Process -v- People

Achieving capacity with axe10

People driven organisations that reject process in favour of human knowledge and skills developed over time, will be reluctant to adopt axe10. We know this from our own experience.

The Axeten OSINT researchers perform investigations for our corporate customers. When we induct a new researcher, they receive the Advanced OSINT training, but their early day productivity is enhanced by the axe10 app, as it guides their research process and provides a  standard and lawful output, with the secure case bundle, that includes an auto generated evidential report. This provides Axeten with the capacity to meet our customer's outcome and pricing expectations.


axe10, an Application for Process Driven Investigations

Axe10 was originally conceived as only an OSINT application for less experienced researchers; people that require a research process to follow, where multiple resources enable the investigation process and with information about OSINT techniques, that are frequently changing, so that on-going learning is provided by the application, for the OSINT researcher.

The Axeten development team, with active and passive guidance from the NPCC, the CPS and relevant legislation, has extended axe10 way beyond the initial brief provided by Project IRIS, so that even the most experienced researcher might benefit from the legally compliant investigation process that axe10 provides.

The good news is...regarding legally compliant processes, there is nothing new to learn, because axe10 delivers compliance automatically, working in the background to keep all investigations safe.

axe10 Provides significant capacity building capabilities for:

> Organisations that require a uniform investigation process with a standardised report output.

> OSINT Researchers using axe10 benefit from:

  • a guided research process
  • IPA 2016 / DPA 2018 / LED / GDPR compliance
  • disclosure compliance (Axe10-CM)
  • multiple tools to expedite the research process
  • access to current OSINT research resources
  • access to thousands of OSINT data sources
  • the ability to include and secure evidence from proprietary sources
  • auto-generated reporting
  • uniform case development
  • deployment management
  • easy and secure editing of a report
  • end-to-end evidence security
  • distribution of a case eBundle with no compromise of security

In a matter of days, axe10 can turn a new researcher into an effective researcher, which might otherwise take years!

For organisations that require a uniform process and consistent output, axe10 delivers an exceptional capacity building opportunity.