Safety & Privacy

Researcher Safety & Privacy: a two-way street

The safety of the researcher is achieved with good privacy processes and responsible use of technology. the axe10app delivers both.

The privacy of investigation subjects & associates is achieved through compliance with the legislation and responsible use of technology. axe10 delivers both.

Application Privacy and the Supplier - Customer Relationship

When axe10 is deployed, Axeten cannot see any of the user's activity or the intelligence and material gathered during a process.
All processing activity is performed on your local or cloud desktop.

Axeten does not collect any personal information about axe10 users.
The detail is set out in the axe10 privacy policy.


Investigation Safety

Compliance with the legislation and guidelines provides safe investigation and successful prosecutions. axe10 delivers.

The Investigation Process and Legal Obligations

UK Privacy Legislation and Investigation Compromise

In the UK, Public Authorities and all of their employees with a law enforcement role, are obliged to comply with the LED and IPA 2016, where any warrant has been obtained. There are special guidelines for MI5, SIS (commonly known as MI6) and GCHQ. Research that is performed outside of the legislation might compromise a whole investigation.

Just one example of a legal obligation is the process of logging. The ICO sets out the obligations.

The easy solution that facilitates compliance, is to deploy axe10 LE, where all of the obligations are satisfied with the routine use of the application and with no requirement for extra work.

In the UK, private-sector researchers are obliged to comply with the DPA 2018. Where the research process does not comply with the DPA 2018, the investigation might be compromised, and their might be legal liability to the subject of any investigation.

Notably, the only entity that can perform safe research with no potential liability, is the private person.
Read on, to learn more about compliant research.


Privacy Obligations Relating to the Subject of Investigation

An OSINT researcher uses the internet to locate personal data about the subjects of their investigations. In that process, particularly while researching Social Media platforms, collateral data about other people, that are no part of the investigation, might be gathered.

Under the DPA 2018, the researcher has no legal basis to collect and save collateral personal data.
axe10 protects the researcher by not allowing for immediate archiving of web pages. The researcher is obliged to perform diligent research, typically, taking screen-shots and saving data that relates to the subject and a legitimate other party.

axe10 does not deny the researcher the ability the capability to archive web pages. Archives might be taken of pages with limited data, that might be company websites. axe10 does not facilitate the easy and rapid arbitrary archiving of extensive social media pages.

Stay safe, protect your investigation and rely on axe10 to not expose you to the risk of non-complaint research.


The Risks of Non-Compliant OSINT Research

Non-compliant research is nectar for a defence counsel. Where it might be demonstrated that the evidence contains collateral data, with no legal basis for the collection, the judge might be asked to throw out the case, on the grounds that it contravenes the GDPR, or more specifically in the UK, the Data Protection Act 2018.

Where a public prosecution might seek to rely on the Law Enforcement Directive, a IPA 2016 warrant might be required to process the research. However, it is unlikely that the authority shall extend to the arbitrary collection of data, about people that are not the subject of the investigation.

Axeten recommends that during all III (OSINT), and particularly with social media research, the investigator should stay safe, not contravene personal data legislation, and gather material that relates only the subject(s) and associates of the investigation, by way of relevant screen-shots.

Archive at your peril. Since the GDPR came into force, the Axeten researchers have not archived a single page. We are confident that the case bundles we remit to our clients are GDPR compliant and our client will never be compromised.

Currently, defence counsels do not appear to be aware of the opportunities that non-compliant research affords their clients. When a defence counsel does become aware of this opportunity, this vulnerability might provide a greater benefit than the failed disclosure fiasco.

Stay Safe! Do not archive unless you are sure that no collateral personal data will be gathered by the archive.


How to Perform Legally Compliant Research

Where any research activity is performed with a proprietary fork of the Chromium browser, there is a presumptive failure to comply with the legislation, as data relating to the subject of the investigation is passed to the corporate owner of the  browser, with no consent from the individual subject.
To perform legally compliant research, do not use Chromium browsers, with the exception of the Brave Browser.
The Firefox Mozilla and Tor browsers allow for legally compliant III (OSINT) investigations.


How to Avoid a Research Privacy Compromise

During your OSINT research, use Firefox or Tor browsers.
For all other internet activity, use a Chromium based browser.
Axeten recommends the Brave Browser for all internet activity that does include III (OSINT) research.
Use Chromium based browsers at your risk.
See FAQ 1.2


Mozilla Firefox & The Tor Browser

axe10 is an extension for the two browsers that do the most to protect user privacy, Mozilla Firefox and the Tor browser.

Axeten has chosen to work with the Mozilla Foundation because there is no commercial owner, that might seek to benefit by collecting information about the user's browsing activity.

Read the Browser section of the FAQs for information about the way other browsers harvest user activity data.


How to Make the Firefox Browser Even More Private

Check out the section with header: Grand List Of Things To Do After Installing Mozilla Firefox, at

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Mozilla Firefox or The Tor Browser