axe10 Support

1. General Issues

A1.1. Not right now, but it is on our roadmap and will include a graphic display of an investigation, with multiple simultaneous researchers.
Anticipated delivery: October 2020.

2. Compatibility

A2.1. You are correct in saying that axe10 is a Firefox extension.
This allows axe10 to work cross-platform.
On your iMac, as well as on your laptop (with any operating system: Windows 10, Linux or MacOS).

You can install axe10 on both your systems if the latest version of Firefox is installed on them.

A license of axe10 allows you to be logged on one device at a time.
If you want to work on 2 devices, you must log out of axe10 on the first device, before logging in on the second device.

axe10 saves the information you gather to the native Firefox database.
There is no direct synchronization between devices. However, you can move a Case Bundle between devices.

Let's say you start to work with axe10 on your iMac, and the next day you go away from home, and want to continue working from your laptop.

Before you depart, export the work in progress "case bundle" on your iMac.
Then log out of axe10 on your iMac and copy the "case bundle" to your laptop.
When you login to axe10 on your laptop, you import the "case bundle".
This allows you to continue from where you left off.

The same process applies when you return home.
On the laptop you need to export the work in progress "case bundle", log out of axe10.
Then, copy the "case bundle" to your iMac, login to axe10 and import the "case bundle".

Saving Case Bundles to a Cloud can make this easier.
Also, this allows for many cases to be processed concurrently.

A2.2 Yes, it is possible for other extensions to interfere with axe10 functionality.

A protocol that might help to identify an extension that causes functionality issues, is:

  1. Disable all other extensions in Firefox.
  2. Test again the respective issue.
  3. Where the issue is no longer present, enable extensions 1 by 1 one, with a new test after each extension is enabled, to determine the conflicting extension(s).
  4. Where the issue persists, it might not be caused by the enabled extensions.
    Please contact us to report any technical issues that you might encounter.

List of known conflicting extensions:

Please use the form to tell us about any conflicting extensions not on the list.

3. Firefox Browser Permissions & axe10 Connection Issues

A3.1. Here is an explanation of the permissions requirements.

1. Access your data for all websites:
Required to allow the user to extract website data into anaxe10 case, while performing actions such as webpage archiving, extracting a Facebook id or other actions required during the research process.

2. Download files and read and modify the browser’s download history:
Required to generate/export case bundle; remove axe10 case bundle export history entries, as it clutters up the download history listing (can be 100s of files in one export added to downloads history)

3. Access browsing history:
Removes certain axe10 add-on specific urls from navigation history (eg: popup panel urls)

4. Display notifications to you:
Required to display notifications when axe10 (successfully or not) performs certain actions such as grabbing a Facebook id, archiving webpages, etc.

5. Access browser tabs:
Required for opening tabs (axe10 related (like the generated report tab) or search options linking to websites)

6. Store unlimited amount of client-side data:
Required for storing case data locally

A3.2. If you can't connect to axe10, go to the Privacy & Security settings in Firefox.

Make sure that under "History" the setting "Firefox will"
- is NOT set up to "Never Remember History"
- or if "Use custom settings for History" is selected, the option "Always use private browsing mode" is NOT checked

4. Tor Browser & the Dark Web

A4.1. a default setting in Tor has to be changed. Uncheck "use private mode" and axe10 will work with Tor

A4.2. No proxy required. The Tor browser is a fork of Mozilla Firefox. axe10 installs on Tor, just like it does for Firefox.