axe10 Training

The default axe10app training service is free; and available every week.

Anyone with an active axe10 CM, LE, CVL or LEGAL account, may attend.


Public Sector & Private Sector Training

There are two training groups:

  • Public Sector: law enforcement officers, wider public authority employees and public authority regulators. Participation is restricted.
  • Private Sector: corporate investigators and other private sector personnel.

All trainees must have a valid axe10app account

axe10 Induction Training

Typically, the axe10 induction training takes 3 hours, delivered in 3 sessions of 1 hour each, over three days.

The induction service takes priority over the on-going service.

axe10 On-going Training

Axeten provides an on-going training service for the axe10app, so that, at any time, a user might join a training event, that will cover a particular subject matter, and when the specific training is delivered, a user might request training for any other part of the axe10 application.

This service is flexible, so that where there might be no requirement for a specific training, the event will go directly to requested training.



Optimising the Training Experience

To gain maximum benefit, the user should have two screens. One screen should display the desktop of the trainer for observation, and the other screen, with axe10 open on the desktop of the user, so the user trainee might replicate the activity being demonstrated by the trainer.


OSINT Training native to Axe10

Within the axe10app training, Axeten does not provide an OSINT training service.
However, the axe10app does include several native OSINT research functions.
During a live axe10 training, users might ask the trainer to demonstrate some OSINT techniques that are native to the axe10 application.


Extensible axe10app Training

Axeten has a full-time development team, extending the capabilities and functionality of the axe10app. When the capability of the app is significantly enhanced, we will let you know with a notice in the changelog. We will provide a video that explains and demonstrates the new capability, and the new capability will be covered in our regular on-line training events.

The Training Schedule (for the free service)

The training service is delivered every week except during the month of August and over the Christmas  & New Year period.

  • The public sector training service is available at 8am (UK time) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • The private sector training service is available at 10am (UK time) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Training in multiple jurisdictions & time zones

For customers outside of the UK and in other time-zones, may request an alternative schedule for the axe10app training service.

Free & Paid Training

Axeten offers the two open group axe10app training services, free of charge.

Any organisation may request a closed group private training service.

The price is £100/hour, charged in 15 minute intervals of £25, or part thereof.
The minimum fee for any single event id £100

Axe10app training may be incorporated into a private closed group OSINT/III training for both public sector and private sector clients


Training Delivery

The training service is delivered on-line using the GoTo Webinar platform, with the capacity to train up to 3000 people at any one time.


Review the services at

Covid-19 Disruption

Classroom training suspended until further notice. All training is delivered online.

Get a free axe10 LITE account

axe10 LITE demonstrates the OSINT capability of axe10
axe10 LITE includes some eForensic capability
axe10 LITE has no eDisclosure capability
axe10 LITE has no unused material reporting
axe10 LITE has no sensitive material reporting
axe10 LITE should not be relied upon for safe prosecution
Training is not provided for axe10 LITE